N Seoul Tower, known also as Namsan Seoul Tower, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Seoul. The tower is surrounded by a park, called Namsan. It is visited both by local citizens and by foreigners, and it is a very popular area for everyone in love. The romantic couples lock away their eternal love – a tradition, quite close to the one of Pont de l’Archevêche in Paris. Here you can see thousands of love messages, locked padlocks, spread around the base of the tower. It also pops in many romantic K-Dramas movies and thanks to that, it is an inseparable part of the Korean culture. I have always wondered – what is the percentage of couples that are still together?

Love padlocks on the tower in Seoul

Love padlocks on the tower in Seoul

The observatory of N Seoul Tower offers the visitors a panoramic, 360-degree view of Seoul. The top part of the tower is located at almost 480 m. altitude, the Namsan Mountain included (243 m.), and the height of the tower (236.7 m.), which makes it one of the highest towers in the Orient. During the night, the N Seoul Tower lights up the sky beautifully with the most contemporary LED technology. Except for being a tourist attraction, the tower also warns the people of the air conditions and whether there is pollution.

Usually, four colors are used as a warning:

  • red – the conditions are very bad and it is not suitable to go outside;
  • yellow – the conditions are bad;
  • green – the conditions are not so good and the usage of a mask is recommendable;
  • blue – the air conditions are very good at the moment.

Namsan Seoul Tower in green

How to get there:

There are three ways to get to the top: by a cabin lift, by bus or on foot.

  • lift – you get off Myeong-dong Station, Subway Line № 4, Exit #3 metro station and continue walking by foot for around ten minutes until you reach the lift station;
  • autobus – there are three buses that go there: Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus № 2, 3 and 5;
  • by foot – for about 30 minutes from Myeong-dong Station, Subway Line № 4, Exit #3.

We decided to walk in the park first and to visit the tower afterwards. The views at the time of the walk up there were rather decent but once you reach to the top, the panorama is quite rewarding.

A waterfall in Namsan Park in Seoul

Namsan park

The view of Seoul

Before going up on the tower, you will see a large wooden balcony, where you can marvel at the wonderful view for free.

The view from the wooden platform of N Seoul Tower

Entrance fee for the observatory:

  • For adults – 10 000 ₩
  • For children – 8 000 ₩

Foreigners, who have bought a T-Money Card, use a 10% discount. If you forget your voucher, you can look for different types of combined tickets. Since we were two, we took advantage of the following: 2 tickets, a big bag of popcorn and 2 non-alcoholic drinks at the total price of 21 000 ₩.

Aside from the opportunity to visit the tower, the complex has a lot of shops, restaurant and attractions for children.

The best time to visit the tower is shortly before sunset because you can see both the light and the dark part of the day. Just like in many other places around the world, you will also see here the names of the different countries with the distance from Seoul measured in kilometers. The view from the observatory was incredible, with its thousands, sparkling colorful lights everywhere.

Night view from N Seoul Tower

Night view from N Seoul Tower

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