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Planning an one day in Namur itinerary is one of the best ways to see a bit of the Belgium beyond the capital. Just an hour and half by train outside of Brussels, Namur is easy to visit in just one day from the Belgium capital. It is very walkable and it has plenty to offer roaming its picturesque streets. Namur is located in the french part of Belgium and also is the capital of Wallonia. It is an old historical city with many things to do and see, an enormous citadel towering above the city on a hill, beautiful viewpoints, cable car with stunning views, and impressive churches. Read on to learn how to visit Namur in one day either as a day trip from Brussels.

How to get to Namur from Brussels?

Getting to Namur from Brussels is extremely quick and convenient. The best way to travel between Namur and Brussels is by train. Trains run every 30 minutes and the journey takes 90 minutes. Once you’re in Namur, the train station is only about a 10-15 minutes walk to the city centre. You can book your tickets in advance at or purchase your tickets at the station. For these trains you do not need a seat reservation.

*Don’t forget that during the weekends, starting at Friday 7 p.m., return tickets are 50% cheaper on all Belgian trains.

One Day in Namur Itinerary

On your day trip to Namur, you’ll make your way through the Citadel of Namur to the Cathedral Saint Aubain and all the top attractions. The good things is that most of your day you will spend in the city center.

One of the picturesque streets in Namur

Citadel of Namur

Start your one perfect day in Namur itinerary with visiting the Citadel of Namur. It is a fascinating historical site in Belgium. The Citadel at Namur is located on a hill at the confluence of the Sambre and Meuse rivers. Because of its strategic position at the crossroads of several communication routes, the Citadel was a perfect place to defend and monitor the city. Once the Citadel of Namur was a fortified residence of the Counts of Namur, then it was gradually transformed into a real castle. Between 1888 and 1892 were built nine forts around Namur, which made the Citadel useless as a defence fort. Then it was turned into a leisure and walking place.

The Citadel of Namur
View towards the Citadel of Namur

Nowadays, you can visit the Citadel of Namur in a few ways – walking, driving or by cable car. I highly recommend taking the cable car up to the citadel and walking back down. You can find more information about the prices here – click. It’s free of charge to visit the citadel if you just want to walk around the complex and enjoy the incredible viewpoints over Namur.

View from the Citadel of Namur
View from the Citadel of Namur

However, if you want to explore the citadel, there are three guided tours starting out from the Terra Nova Visitor Centre. Terra Nova visitors center is located in the former Terra Nova barracks where you can learn more about the history of the Citadel. You can jump into the past, present and future of Namur with maps, videos, images and audio testimonials focussing on the history of Namur. Guided underground tour – there is an impressive network of passages under the ground and you can discover 450 meters of the restored galleries. You will learn about the history of the citadel and Namur through a set of 3D animations and sound effects.

Tourist train – the train departs from the Terra Nova Visitors Center and it takes around 30 minutes. It goes around the grounds of the Citadel with an audio guide. It is a great way to discover some of the most panoramic viewpoints of the valley. Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance of the Terra Nova visitors center.

The Golden Turtle Statue

If you’re heading back down on foot, you’ll see a shining golden statue of a man riding a large turtle! It was sculpted by the Belgian artist Jan Fabre. The golden turtle sculpture is called Searching for Utopia. Since March 2015 the monumental sculpture called The Turtle crowns the Citadel, overlooking of Namur.

The Golden Turtle Statue
The Golden Turtle Statue

St Aubin’s Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Aubain)

The St. Aubin Cathedral in Namur is one of the main attractions that you should visit during your one perfect day in Namur itinerary. It was originally built as a collegiate church in 1047 by Albert II of Namur, but it became a cathedral in 1559. In 1740, it was destroyed by the major flood, and then rebuilt into its current form between 1751 and 1767 in the academic Late Baroque style, built to designs of the Ticinese architect Gaetano Matteo Pisoni.

St Aubin's Cathedral
St Aubin’s Cathedral

The tower at the west end of the church is the main remnant of the 13th-century church before the rebuilding.

The former Stock Exchange (La Bourse)

Don’t miss in your one day in Namur itinerary one of the most magnificent buildings – the former Stock Exchange. It was built in the Renaissance Louis XIII style and it is located in the heart of the city. In 2000, the building was renamed “La Bourse” and is used for various events, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.

One day in Namur Itinerary
La Bourse

Belfry of Namur

The Belfry of Namur, also known as Tour Saint-Jacques (“Saint Jacob’s Tower”), was constructed in 1388 as part of the city wall. Originally, it was a tower, but in 1746 officially became the belfry of Namur. It is one of the 56 belfries of Belgium and France classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One day in Namur Itinerary
Belfry of Namur

The Saint Loup Church (Église catholique Saint-Loup)

If you are into churches and cathedrals, you have to add this church in your one perfect day in Namur itinerary. The church was built between 1621 and 1645 by Pierre Huyssens in Baroque style. Originally, the Saint Loup Church was known as the “Saint-Ignace Jesuit Church”. However, this stunning church is full of elegant hand carved wood and marble decorations.

The Royal Theater of Namur (Théâtre de Namur)

It is hard to miss the beautiful edifice of the Royal theater of Namur. It is located in the city center within walking distance of the main square and the belfry. Built in 1863, the theater has a neoclassical style and it is classified as a public civil heritage site in Wallonia. Inside, the hall is with beautifully decorated balconies, amazingly painted ceiling and an impressive chandelier.

One day in Namur Itinerary
The Royal Theater of Namur

Where to stay in Namur?

If one day in Namur isn’t enough and you want more time to explore the city, then why not stay for a night. I recommend staying around the city center as that’s where most attractions are located. Also, I would recommend the Le Chateau de Namur, which is located 150 meters from the citadel.

Le Chateau de Namur
Le Chateau de Namur

How many days in Namur?

As the 9th largest city in Belgium, Namur is a small city with a few historical sights and several things to do. With that being said, I suggest one day in Namur to be able to explore the city center and the main landmarks.

One day in Namur Itinerary
View towards Sambre River

Is Namur worth visiting?

Namur is definitely worth visiting. It is a great place for those looking to explore Belgium beyond the most popular tourist cities in Flanders – Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Leuven, Mechelen. In addition to that, there’s lots to do here – from exploring the tunnels under the Citadel to the academic Late Baroque cathedral of Saint Aubin. If you have more time you can easily add some places into the Wallonia region, for example Dinant is just a stone’s throw away.


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