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Coron, Palawan in the Philippines has always been top on my bucket list. There are a lot of things you can do while on your visit to Coron. It is best known for its world-class WWII-era wreck diving and snorkeling spots, amazing beaches, and gorgeous lakes. The essence of a Coron trip experience is no doubt going for Coron Super Ultimate Tour.

Coron Super Ultimate Tour

It contains a few stops in some of the most beautiful places on Coron Island and the surroundings. Coron Super Ultimate Tour is the most top-rated tour with great reviews and places. This whole-day trip features a variety of experiences.
Coron Super Ultimate Tour starts with a hotel pick-up between 6 – 6.30 a.m. and a transfer to the port. You can choose a group or a private tour. We decided to rent a private boat to avoid the crowds. Thanks to this, we were able to leave early in the morning and enjoy some of the most amazing places in the Philippines. The private boat for 2-4 people costs PHP 2700 (≈ € 50.00), with additional entrance fees at all places.

Private boat prices

Entrance fees

  • Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake and the nearby viewpoint are one of the most amazing places in all of the Philippines. It is known with its gorgeous emerald waters surrounded by towering karst formations, and holds the title “cleanest lake in the Philippines”. It is only accessible via a short 300-step hike. The hike to the top also leads to a viewpoint that has a beautiful view over the boat docks. The breathtaking view from the top of the hill, where you’ll find a queue for the viewing platform, is absolutely worth it. Don’t forget to bring your mask and snorkel.

Entrance fee – PHP 300 (≈ € 5.50)

Kayangan Lake, Coron Super Ultimate Tour

Kayangan Lake

  • Barracuda Lake

The second stop of the Coron Super Ultimate Tour is Barracuda Lake. This lake is so scenic and clear, and you can see unique underwater rock formations. It is famous for its thermocline, meaning its temperature changes more rapidly with depth, due to the fact that the lake contains both salt and freshwater. Barracuda Lake is a perfect place for divers as the water beneath the surface is incredibly pure.

Entrance fee – PHP 200 (≈ € 3.70)

Barracuda Lake Barracuda Lake

  • Twin Lagoon

Next up, we visited Twin Lagoon, which, as the name suggests, consists of two lagoons. This is one of the most popular places for Coron Super Ultimate Tour and every tour boat goes there. Twin Lagoon is one of the most beautiful pieces of nature I have ever seen. The nature is just mind blowing. I was totally amazed with the amazing views of Coron’s karst landscape and dazzling turquoise blue lagoons. The way to the first lagoon is very accessible, to get to the other lagoon you will need to pass through a narrow place, under a huge rock. This place is so famous, so you can expect a lot of tourists.

Entrance fee – PHP 200 (≈ € 3.70)

Twin Lagoon Coron Super Ultimate Tour

  • Green Lagoon

By midday on the Coron Super Ultimate Tour, we headed to Green Lagoon where our lunch was prepared for us. The Green Lagoon is an absolute hidden gem. The view was breathtaking and added such a great ambiance to the lunch

Entrance fee – PHP 150 (≈ € 2.80)

Green Lagoon Coron Super Ultimate Tour

Green Lagoon

  • Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach is a very beautiful white sandy beach, located on a small lagoon on the Eastern side of Coron Island. It has pretty crystal clear waters and small bamboo huts. It is famous for being lunch and/or picnic place for tourists.

Entrance fee – PHP 150 (≈ € 2.80)

Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach Coron Super Ultimate Tour

  • Coral garden

Our last stop on the Coron Super Ultimate Tour was Coral garden. It is one of the best places in Coron Island for snorkelling. There’s a great variety of fish and coral to see.

Entrance fee – PHP 150 (≈ € 2.80)

What to Bring on Your Coron Super Ultimate Tour?

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Dry bag
  • Snorkelling gears
  • Waterproof case for your phone
  • Action camera

What Does Coron Super Ultimate Tour Include?

  • Transport from the hotel to the pier
  • Boat trip
  • Life vest
  • Lunch
  • Guide

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