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Kravice waterfalls is one of the most beautiful natural spots in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find it as Kravica as well, because this is how the locals call it. Kravice became extremely popular in recent years and more and more tourists come to visit this fairy tale place. The area is picturesque and the full of greenery, soothing to the eyes. The area of the waterfalls is protected as a national preserve. The height of the waterfalls is 25 metres, and the lake at the base has a radius of 120 metres. Precisely the lake is a tourist favourite, because they can swim in the waters, especially in the summer.

A bit after entering the park there is a train, that you can get on for 2 BAM (≈ €1.00), if you don’t want to go on foot.

Kravice waterfalls
Kravice waterfalls

How to Get to Kravice Waterfalls?

The closest airports to the waterfall are in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). The distance from Mostar is around 45 km, and from Dubrovnik – 130 km. The best option is to get to Kravice and rent a car from both places.

  • From Mostar

You can organize your trip by using the services of one of the numerous tour operators or by renting a car. Bear in mind, that the tours can be expensive. Almost all of them include a visit of the Dervish monastery Blagaj Tekke.

The most expensive option is to take a taxi, but if you still decide to choose this option, you always need to negotiate the price. There is one more option, if you would like to travel on a budget and that is to get a bus from Mostar to Ljubuški and then catch a cab.

  • From Dubrovnik

You can take part in a one-day trip from Dubrovnik. Most include a trip to Mostar as well. The other option like I said is to rent a car and to organize the trip on your own.

  • From Sarajevo

From Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital you can book a one-day trip, which includes a visit to Kravice waterfalls and a few landmarks. MeetBosnia is one of the preferred tour operators, which organize all sorts of different excursions and activities.

Kravice Waterfalls – Swimming and other activities

You can bring your own food to the territory of the park and have a picnic. On the coast of the lake there is a restaurant with a view of the waterfalls, where you can stop for a snack or have a refreshing drink. Unlike the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, here you can swim. There are designated spots to change clothes. You can also rent a kayak and go on a boat, and in both cases, you will have the option of getting really close to the waterfalls.

Kravice Waterfalls Bosnia
Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is 20 BAM (€10). The parking in the area is free.

What to Bring?

  • Waterproof camera
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Beach Towel
  • Food (if you decide to have a picnic)

When to Visit Kravice Waterfalls?

The most suitable time to visit the waterfalls is in the spring. Then the waters are at their peak and the lush greenery creates an amazing scenery. In the beginning of June and from the middle of September it is also suitable, when there aren’t that many tourists. The temperatures in the summer (July and August) can get up to 40 degrees and during this time the waterfalls are the most crowded. Besides that, the level of the water is relatively lower.

Where to Slay in Mostar?

There are many accommodation options in the Kravice waterfalls area. The most options are the city of Mostar. Guesthouse Panorama is definitely one of the most popular places with its wonderful view of the city and excellent location.

The distance to the center of the city goes through a steep path, but the view is worth the effort. In the immediate vicinity there is free parking and a main road, which will save you from going into the historical part of the city.

View towards Mostar
View towards Mostar

What to See near Kravice?

  • Blagaj Tekija

A short distance away from Kravice is located the Blagaj region next to the Buna river spring. There is an old Dervish monastery at the base of a cliff, next to the source of the river Buna, that is about 500 years old. Blagaj Tekke has elements from Ottoman architecture and has been declared a national monument. To get inside, you would need to pay an entrance fee of about 5 BAM. Next to the river there a few restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner.

Blagaj Tekija
Blagaj Tekija
  • Koćuša Waterfall

Koćuša Waterfall is situated 19 km. from Kravice in Veljaci village in Ljubuški municipality. It is impressive, mostly because of how wide it is, over 50 metres, and then with how tall it is – about 5 metres. The interesting thing is that few people know about it and when we visited it, we were the only tourists.

Koćuša Waterfall
Koćuša Waterfall
  • Mostar

It is located in the valley of the Neretva river and is a place, preferred by most tourists visiting the country. It is famous for its old Ottoman houses in Old Town (Stari Grad) and with the “Stari Most” bridge, which became part of UNESCO’s world heritage. It was initially built by the Ottomans during the XVI century, but in 1993 it was destroyed along with many of the buildings in Old Town, due to the Bosnia and Herzegovina war. Nowadays the bridge and a big part of the buildings have been restored on rebuilt like the originals.

Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar
Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar
Old Town in Mostar
Old town in Mostar

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