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If you want to escape from the concrete jungle and enjoy a nice, short walk up a mountain with stunning views, then you definitely should visit two of the most charming places in the Rhodope Mountains: Bekovi Skali (Bekovi Rocks) and Chervenata skala (The Red Rock). They are both located close to the village of Ravnogor and they offer a beautiful views over the Rhodope Mountains.

Ravnogor: The Beginning of the Trail to Bekovi Skali

The Bekovi Skali (Bekovi Rocks) are located about a 60 minute walk from the center of the village of Ravnogor. The village is located at about 1340 m above sea level in the beautiful and picturesque Rhodope Mountains. Ravnogor is about 57 km from Plovdiv, 40 km from Pazardzhik, and 155 km from Sofia. Once you reach the center of Ravnogor, you can leave your car in a free parking lot next to the Village hall. There is also a small café and grocery on the square where you can use the toilet or buy water and snacks. In addition, there is another parking option, which is located at the end of the village, where the trail starts.

Map of Ravnogor area
Ravnogor areas map

How to Get to Bekovi Skali?

There are two ways to get to the Bekovi Skali: on foot or by car. Of course, I do not advise you to go by car, unless it is 4×4, and in some places the road is in very bad condition with sharp stones and potholes. After all, the idea is to go for a walk in the mountains. The trail lasts about 55 minutes walking. The path to Bekovi Skali starts from the end of the village, and the route is very easy and convenient, suitable for people of all ages.

View of Ravnogor

The distance from the center of Ravnogor to Bekovi Skali is 4.8 km. Between 10-15 minutes from the beginning of the trail you will reach the chapel of St. Iliya. There are many benches in its yard where you can sit and take a breath.

Chapel of St. Iliya in Ravnogor
Chapel of St. Iliya

From there to Bekovi Skali you have to walk 40 minutes on a wide, flat road.

The path to Bekovi Skali
The path to Bekovi Skali

Once you reach Bekovi Skali you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of Vacha Dam, as well as the great nature of the Rhodopes. The stunning view will make you feel the energy and pulse of the mountain. On the rock platform there are several benches and a large gazebo with a table where you can eat or just sit and relax, enjoying nature.

View towards Vacha Dam

View from Bekovi Skali
View of Vacha Dam

How to Get to Chervenata Skala?

If you are not tired and have enough time, you can visit the other big landmark near the village of Ravnogor – Chervenata Skala (the Red Rock). It is located in the opposite direction to Bekovi Skali (Bekovi Rocks). You can easily get there, and the chapel can serve as a guide, as the turn is right there. Just in case, there is a sign indicating where to go. The trail is quite pleasant and unburdening. The distance from the sign to the Red Rock area is 15-20 minutes.

A sign to Bekovi Skali and Chervenata Skala

Surprisingly, a few years ago, when I visited Bekovi Skali for the very first time, there wasn’t any information about it. Maybe that’s why I was surprised by the magnificent view from the top of the cliff. You can literally be stunned by the vast expanse and fabulous beauty of the Rhodope Mountains. And here, just like Bekovi Skali, there are several benches where you can sit and relax.

Chervenata Skala
View from Chervenata Skala
View from Chervenata Skala near Ravnogor
View from Chervenata Skala

Other Sights Near Ravnogor

If you have more time, you can visit the Fotinski Falls near the village of Fotinovo. The distance from Ravnogor to Fotinovo is 20 km, but because of the mountain road it will take you about an hour by car. The trail to the waterfalls takes about an hour one way.


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